Digital business expert Nicholas Lovell shares why we should be watching Ghostbusters to discover what life if really like in a startup.

Whether you’re looking to boost your brainpower, be more mindful, or process the information overload, our Think Smarter reading list has a title to inspire you to challenge your mind this January.┬áSign up to the Think Smarter newsletter to get a wealth of brain boosting content from some of our top non-fiction authors sent straight […]


Newspaper comments sections are filled with tidings of doom about how technology is hindering our minds; shortening our attention spans and depersonalising our relationships. James Wallman doesn’t agree. Exclusively for Think Smarter, the technology journalist and author of Stuffocation, shares his thoughts on our future relationship with our gadgets.

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Read an exclusive extract from Ariana Huffington’s Thrive on the merits and process of mindfulness through meditation, and how it can be used to increase your mind’s capacity to learn.

There’s no doubt about it. January is well and truly upon us. Some people would say that it’s the dreariest month of the year – but they would be wrong. This month is all about expanding your horizons, challenging your mind, and thinking smarter. Author Dan Hurley shares his seven top tips for improving your intelligence to get us started.