You can be happier, healthier and slimmer in just 15 minutes a day with the superb advice from The Feel Good Plan, by celebrity trainer Dalton Wong and health writer Kate Faithfull-Williams. Here’s an extract that shows you how to relax and refocus at work.

It’s the small, everyday things that make a difference and contribute to a happier, more fulfilled life. Writers from The Book of You have chosen some of their favourite micro-actions that you can easily put into practice for a sunnier, more contented you.

The festive season can get truly hectic, what with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Panic Saturday and all those dubiously named days. Instead, why not treat yourself or someone else to a brilliantly calm Christmas, we have sourced a selection of books that cover mindfulness, compassion, and getting creative.

Penguin Junior Designer, Chris Bentham, describes the design process behind Live This Book, by Tom Chatfield. Live This Book combines design and practical exercises to inspire you to reflect on, and interact with, the world around you.

Dear Stranger is a collection of inspirational, honest and heartfelt letters from authors, bloggers and Mind ambassadors to an imagined stranger. Insightful and uplifting, Dear Stranger is a humbling glimpse into different interpretations of happiness, and how despite sometimes seeming unobtainable happiness can, in the smallest of ways, become an achievable goal. Read a letter written by Rowan Coleman, author of We Are All Made of Stars.

In this exclusive extract from her ground-breaking book Playing Big, Tara Mohr explains how to handle self-doubt and stop holding yourself back…

Whether you’re looking to boost your brainpower, be more mindful, or process the information overload, our Think Smarter reading list has a title to inspire you to challenge your mind this January. Sign up to the Think Smarter newsletter to get a wealth of brain boosting content from some of our top non-fiction authors sent straight […]


Newspaper comments sections are filled with tidings of doom about how technology is hindering our minds; shortening our attention spans and depersonalising our relationships. James Wallman doesn’t agree. Exclusively for Think Smarter, the technology journalist and author of Stuffocation, shares his thoughts on our future relationship with our gadgets.

Ariana Huffington headshot

Read an exclusive extract from Ariana Huffington’s Thrive on the merits and process of mindfulness through meditation, and how it can be used to increase your mind’s capacity to learn.

Gas, Edward Hopper (1882-1967)
1940, oil on canvas, 66.7 x 102.2 cm, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Mrs Simon Guggenheim Fund

The word mindfulness is everywhere but what does it actually mean? In his new book French Psychiatrist Christophe André explains and teaches how to use art to practise it in twenty five lessons, including this lesson from Edward Hopper’s 1940 work, Gas.