This month, Lucy Mangan muses on her childhood TV favourites, and how today’s books mean that children are rediscovering vintage characters like The Clangers on the page as well on screen.

So often, beautiful picture books form our introduction to the world of books and reading. Our guest blogger Lucy Mangan shares her journey to rediscovering the wonderful world of picture books as a parent.

Read an exclusive extract from Ladybird by Design, by Lawrence Zeegen, a celebration of 100 years of words and pictures.

We’re delighted to introduce our new guest contributor; journalist, author and self proclaimed Puffin, Lucy Mangan. Lucy will be sharing her memories from her favourite children’s books and the experience of rediscovering them as an adult and a parent and more throughout 2015, exclusively for the Penguin Blog. We for one can’t wait.

Although maybe not the most celebrated Christmas tradition, for us it’s up there with carol concerts and leaving a mince pie for Santa in the merry making stakes. Come December, we’re always poised, highlighter in hand to plan our Christmas viewing with our bumper edition Radio Times. This year is particularly exciting, with lots of our bookish chums making their big screen debuts. Here’s what we’ll be reading, and watching this Yuletide.

Penguins go perfectly with

A good book is guaranteed to bring cheer on Christmas morning (we should know). But, if John Lewis has taught us anything this year, it’s that every Penguin needs its companion. Butch had Sundance, Morecambe wouldn’t have been half as funny without Wise, and Laurel was lost sans Hardy (as was Nelson, but that’s a tale for another day). Why should we be any different?

Whether it’s Pride and Prejudice and a barouche (read and rise in style!), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a stick of Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum, or The Owl and the Pussycat replete with beautiful pea green boat, there’s a match to be made for every tome.

There is MUCH excitement at Penguin Towers today. Why? Because Penguin Children’s Books won the much-coveted Children’s Publisher of the Year Award at The Bookseller Industry Awards last night. Hooray! We fought off stiff competition from other big children’s publishers including Walker, Harper Collins, Egmont and Simon & Schuster. It was incredibly tense when we […]