Top Pop 3 Mr Bennet

Endearingly affable, the Bennet sister’s long suffering father enjoys the quieter things in life, such as tranquil strolls in the country and curling up with a book. Read an extract from Austen’s classic, Pride and Prejudice in which Mr Bennet stands up to his wife on the question of Lizzie’s impending nuptials.

Sophie Kinsella, best-selling author of the universally loved Shopaholic series, tells Women on the Page about her literary heroines.

The first in a series of Penguin Cooks blogs, here’s one of our resident food experts, Pen Vogler, telling us a little about the food featured in some of Jane Austen’s earliest works.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, this week we held a poll to find the nation’s favourite Penguin love story, asking our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to vote for their favourite from a shortlist of ten of our most enduring romantic classics. After much discussion and in-fighting among the Austen aficionados, Bronte-botherers and Hardy die-hards, the […]