Read an interview with Jamie Oliver on the inspiration behind his new book, Everyday Super Food.

Penguin Junior Designer, Chris Bentham, describes the design process behind Live This Book, by Tom Chatfield. Live This Book combines design and practical exercises to inspire you to reflect on, and interact with, the world around you.

Bridget Christie talks to ….Bridget Christie about her new book A Book for Her. (and for him, if he can read).

Ten years ago, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner published Freakonomics. 8000 blog posts and 3 books later, the very best of their writing has now been collected into one volume. Read on for a few Freakonomics answers to some of life’s quirkier questions…

On the day of the release of the ninth Wimpy Kid diary, we asked Jeff Kinney, creator of The Wimpy Kid for an exclusive interview. He did one better and had a tête–à–tête with Greg Heffley AKA The Wimpy Kid about what it’s like being the most famous kid in the playground.

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Devastated by Jeremy Paxman’s Newsnight departure? So are we. 1. Barefaced 2. Amused 3. Surprised 4. Appalled 5. Exasperated 6. Derisive 7. Plotting 8. Flirtatious 9. Jaunty 10. Operatic 11. Interpid 12. World-weary 13. Indignant 14. Feisty 15. Pensive 16. Pleasantly surprised 17. Converted He may no longer be gracing our screens of a Wednesday eve, but Mr […]