Read an interview with Jamie Oliver on the inspiration behind his new book, Everyday Super Food.

Jamie Oliver explains the philosophy of eating a balanced plate in this extract from his new book, Everyday Super Food.

Are you happy? Would you like to be happier? Paul Dolan (AKA Professor Happy), author of Happiness By Design, has a few suggestions which might help you to feel that little bit better this year.

Stuck for a Father’s Day present? (It’s June 15th – that’s this Sunday, in case you were wondering.) Us Penguins are here to help… “People say they have dads that are like their best friends. I’ve never thought of mine like that, as even my best friends I don’t want to hang out with all […]

The first in a series of Penguin Cooks blogs, here’s one of our resident food experts, Pen Vogler, telling us a little about the food featured in some of Jane Austen’s earliest works.