This month, we’d like you to join us in a celebration.

Women on the Page is a festival of character(s) and female writers. We’ll be talking about heroines – the gutsy, feisty gals you can’t help but fall in love with. And we’ll be talking about writers – the women – then, now and next – who have, and continue to, change and inspire us, as well as those we may not have met yet.

Etta and Otto and Russell and James author Emma Hooper shares her top five brilliant, inspiring, memorable and daring characters (aka: a short list of the women in fiction she want(ed) to be).

Women’s Prize for Fiction 2013 winner A.M. Homes introduces one of her favourite authors – Shirley Jackson.

The Love, Nina and Man at the Helm author discusses the indomitable Mitford and shares the journey of their reader/writer relationship, as well as a tellingly emotional moment on the beach.

Samantha Ellis, author of How to be a Heroine, is fully aware of the importance of strong female role-models within the literary canon. So much so, that she’s written a book on the subject. Here she talks us through five of her favourites, from Anne of Green Gables to Scarlett O’Hara.

Hamish Hamilton's influence on my literary education began some ten years ago – specifically when I was in my early teens and just beginning to develop an appetite for short fiction. Hamish Hamilton was the first UK publisher of a group of authors who, to me, best exemplified the form at the time: Truman Capote, […]