All the Bright Places- Jennifer Niven

Read guest blogger Amber-Kirk Ford’s interview with All the Bright Places author, Jennifer Niven.

How many books are you planning to read this year? Twelve? Fifty? Eighty? Whatever your challenge, we’ve got just the think to keep your reading list fresh and irresistible. Sign up now for a touch of Penguinspiration for the New Year.

We don’t know about you, but our ‘to read’ list just keeps growing and growing but it isn’t stopping us getting excited about the shiny new books we’ll be meeting in 2015. Find out what some of our fellow Penguins can’t wait to add to their bed side reading stacks.

Although maybe not the most celebrated Christmas tradition, for us it’s up there with carol concerts and leaving a mince pie for Santa in the merry making stakes. Come December, we’re always poised, highlighter in hand to plan our Christmas viewing with our bumper edition Radio Times. This year is particularly exciting, with lots of our bookish chums making their big screen debuts. Here’s what we’ll be reading, and watching this Yuletide.

Love Tanya

We’re all very proud to be Penguins, and few things make us happier than a brand new author joining the Penguin clan. Or raft. Or colony… Why is there not a better collective for ‘penguin’?

Enter Tanya Burr, who yesterday announced on her YouTube channel that she’ll be publishing her first book, Love, Tanya as a Penguin.

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Commissioning Editor Laura Stickney discusses the decision to bring back the renowned non-fiction imprint Pelican, after nearly 30 years of hibernation.

Yesterday, quite a few people were freaked out by this news story, which dominated the Guardian's homepage. In essence, it’s been revealed that an iPhone not only keeps track of your location but keeps that data stored on the phone and syncs it to your computer when you plug your phone in. Many people were […]