You’ve heard of The Old Curiosity Shop and Shakespeare’s Globe, but what about the statue of Dr Samuel Johnson’s cat or the inspiration behind Orwell’s Ministry of Truth? Author of London: A Travel Guide Through Time, Dr Matthew Green takes us on a tour of some of the capital’s less well known literary destinations.

James Rebanks, aka The Herdwick Shepherd, shares his favourite Penguin Classics exclusively for the Penguin Blog.

Jetpacks and mind machines! Think Smarter looks into the future! This week’s reading list is designed to equip you for all the technological and ecological advances of the next few years.

From despotic regimes to media manipulation, our authors lift the lid on those in power in this week’s Think Smarter month reading list. For a chance to win the whole set, sign up to the Think Smarter newsletter.

We don’t know about you, but our ‘to read’ list just keeps growing and growing but it isn’t stopping us getting excited about the shiny new books we’ll be meeting in 2015. Find out what some of our fellow Penguins can’t wait to add to their bed side reading stacks.


Earlier this year Penguin Random House UK worked with The Guardian and children’s marketing agency SuperAwesome to help find the UK’s best young blogger as one of the sponsors of the inaugural Future8 awards. As a bonafide bookworm and seasoned reviewer, we’re very excited to welcome Future8 Blogger category winner, Amber Kirk-Ford of The Mile Long Bookshelf to guest blog for us as part of her prize. In the first of three guest posts, Amber will be sharing her top Young Adult books of 2014, and letting us know what she’s most looking forward to in 2015. Over to Amber…

Driving Home for Christmas

What better journey is there than one with the promise of book-shaped presents and a mountain of mince pies waiting for you at the end of it? To keep you occupied on your Christmas travels, we’ve put together a selection of brilliant audiobooks, perfect for wherever you’re going and to keep whoever you’re journeying with entertained this Christmas.

Penguins go perfectly with

A good book is guaranteed to bring cheer on Christmas morning (we should know). But, if John Lewis has taught us anything this year, it’s that every Penguin needs its companion. Butch had Sundance, Morecambe wouldn’t have been half as funny without Wise, and Laurel was lost sans Hardy (as was Nelson, but that’s a tale for another day). Why should we be any different?

Whether it’s Pride and Prejudice and a barouche (read and rise in style!), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a stick of Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum, or The Owl and the Pussycat replete with beautiful pea green boat, there’s a match to be made for every tome.

It’s that time of year when all the darling little ones are trudging back to school with their brand new blazers and latest smartphones on display. We’re sure it must have ignited a glimmer of jealousy and nostalgia within you.

But don’t despair as we are sending you back to the classroom in an attempt to get you Thinking Smarter and mastering a subject that piques your interest with our very own School of Penguin. Through our sensational selection of books, which cover a massive array of topics, we hope to cram some essential knowledge somewhere in your cerebellum by completely painless means.

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and here at Penguin we have come up with our top picture book dads to celebrate… From Roald Dahl to Eric Hill and Beatrix Potter, our top 10 list is full of childhood favourites – and maybe some unexpected characters… 1. Spot’s Dad From our beloved Eric Hill, this is […]