Our brand new website is here and it’s the place to go for all things bookish. This means that we won’t be posting any new updates on the Penguin Blog, instead we’ve moved all your favourite articles, interviews, and extracts to www.penguin.co.uk and will host all the latest news and exclusive content here. Watch our video below for a look at what you can find there. 

The website creates a space where readers can lose themselves in books like never before. Alongside listing all of the books published by Penguin Random House, the website is also a space where readers can discover unique voices from much-loved authors and debuts alike; delve into the stories behind the stories and forge deeper and richer relationships with authors, characters and the Penguin brand through exclusive and curated content.

Go on, have a browse, we’re sure you’ll find something to add to that ever-growing ‘to-be-read’ pile of yours.

To find out more visit http://www.penguin.co.uk



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