A little announcement…
It’s our birthday!

We love stories. We always have. We love them in any form, whether on a screen, piped into our ears, or from a dog-eared paperback stuffed into a pocket. The only thing we love more than reading stories is getting to share them with book-lovers like you. Which brings us very neatly to the main event…

In celebration of our 80th birthday, we’ve decided that it’s story time for a whole month – and you’re invited! We’re declaring this August the Summer of Penguin, with a month filled with innumerable adventures and anecdotes. You’ll be able to stroll around Covent Garden with Ali Smith; go on a Tinder date with Aziz Ansari; jump on the Ginger Line with Iain Sinclair; and wreak havoc with a teenage Mary Portas.

Summer of Penguin on iPhone

If you happen to be making a literary pilgrimage to the home of Dickens and Dalloway in August, be sure to flip on your Virgin Media WiFi when you’re on the Underground, where there’ll be two new literary tidbits waiting for you.

Can’t wait to read your first story? Pull up a chair and ready your favourite beverage, and join us where our story began 80 years ago. Let the celebrations begin!

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