In an exclusive interview for the Penguin blog – donning an Alice band in honour of our classic storybook heroine – BAFTA award winning actress Sheridan Smith talks about providing the voice to our brand new Alice in Wonderland audiobook and tells us why she loves the timeless tale so much.

Who is your favourite character from Alice in Wonderland and why?

Sheridan: Every time I read it I get a different favourite character because there’s so many. I’ve never read a story where there are so many characters and they’re so mad and bonkers, all of them!

It’s such a crazy world that each time I read it I get a different favourite one. So, I am loving Alice at the minute; I’ve got a little blue and white Alice band on today but with the mad hatter’s hair so I am kind of like a mixture of the two. I don’t know, I think when I’ve been reading it, I’ve been enjoying the Cheshire Cat, she’s been fun. But then again I like the little door mouse. There’s so many! There’s millions! I love them all!

So what do you love most about the story as a whole?

It’s about escapism, isn’t it? I think it’s about seeing the world through the eyes of a child, and there are some amazing messages in it and puns and it’s a very intelligent story really, but it’s so mad!

I remember reading it as a child and just being so engrossed in it. Imagine if you fell down a rabbit hole, went to this whole other world and met all these crazy different characters who weren’t making any sense? I suppose as a child, the world doesn’t really make sense…

Why do you think it’s so popular?

Now I am reading it as an adult, I am like, “Oh gosh! It’s so fun to think that a child would see the world through those eyes and get to meet all these amazing little characters!”. Even though we’re grown up, even though we are getting older, you can still listen to it at my age!

Alice in Wonderland, read by Sheridan Smith is available to listen to now on Audible or on CD. For some exclusive behind the scenes action from the recording of the book, visit the Puffin YouTube!


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  1. Since my first ‘proper’ post was about Alice, and I absolutely remember how confusing life was as a child, I’m reblogging this. I never fell through a rabbit hole, but I was capable of scaring myself silly at the bottom of our (very very small & suburban) garden. And I was once utterly confused as to how E’s mum came to be picking us up from drama class in an unmarked police car when her car had broken down. It was a taxi. Remembering that can still make me giggle to myself.


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