This Father’s Day, we can help you find the book that will really be a hit, whatever type of dad you’ve got. Simply take our Top of the Pops quiz to identify which literary papa most resembles yours, and then browse our selection to find the perfect book for your pop!

Top Pop - Spot's dad

9780141361789_The Book With No Pictures

How fun can it be to read a book with your dad that hasn’t got a single picture? The answer is extremely, in the case of this one – written by The Office star B.J. Novak. Warning: may make dads look extremely silly.

The Book With No Pictures, B. J. Novak (Puffin).

9780141355146_The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel JonesHas your dad ever picked his nose? Has he ever picked his nose and EATEN IT? Has he ever picked his nose, eaten it, and, by doing so, opened a portal to a world run by PIRATES?

Mabel Jones has.

The brand new story of pyjama clad adventurer Mabel Jones will take your dad on an intrepid journey across the Greasy Pole of Certain Death, and hopefully he’ll take you along too!

The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones, Will Mabbitt. (Puffin).


9780593075180_Election Notebook

Telling the inside story of the year leading up to the recent UK general election, Nick Robinson’s Election Notebook includes not only the BBC correspondent’s journal entries and trademark insight, but the story of the very personal battle that Nick encountered over the election year. A must read for any policitcally savvy sire – we think Atticus would approve.

Election Notebook, Nick Robinson (Bantam Press), out 11th June.


On 16 December, 1944, Hitler launched his ‘last gamble’ in the snow-covered forests and gorges of the Ardennes. He believed he could split the Allies by driving all the way to Antwerp, then force the Canadians and the British out of the war. Award winning historian Anthony Beevor’s Ardennes 1944: Hitler’s Last Gamble tells the compelling story of the German’s ill-fated final stand, essential reading for a dad with a penchant for the past.

Ardennes 1944: Hitler’s Last Gamble, Anthony Beevor (Viking).


9780241146538_LandmarksDescribed as a field guide to the literature of nature, Landmarks offers a joyous meditation on words, landscape and the relationship between the two. In the course of writing the book, Macfarlane collected a vast glossary of thousands of the remarkable terms used in dozens of the languages and dialects of Britain and Ireland to describe and denote aspects of terrain, weather, and nature. A must for a dad that loves the great outdoors and sitting down with a good book.

Landmarks, Robert Macfarlane (Hamish Hamilton).

9780241146958_London OvergroundIn London Overground, Iain Sinclair addresses London’s Ginger Line, running from Richmond in the South, Cheshunt in the North and Barking in the East. Exploring the landscape of London on a day’s hike around the city, Sinclair’s observations on modern culture, commentaries of folk history and descriptions of some of London’s most interesting characters illustrate the nature of the shifting, changing city from new and surprising angles. Highly recommended for dads with a preference for city strolls.

London Overground, Iain Sinclair (Hamish Hamilton).

Top Pop 4 Brian Cox

The Scientific Secrets of Doctor WhoCould Gallifrey be real? How is the Tardis bigger on the inside? Could we really travel through space and time? If these are the kinds of questions that get your dad scratching his head, then this is the book for him. In The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who author Simon Guerrier and Royal Observatory astronomer Dr. Marek Kukula show how the show uses science to inform its unique style of storytelling – and just how close it has often come to predicting future scientific discoveries.

The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who, Simon Guerrier and Dr Marek Kukula, (BBC Books).

Digital Gold HB

Digital Gold is the engrossing history of Bitcoin, the landmark digital money and financial technology that has spawned a global social movement. New York Times journalist Nathaniel Popper tells the story of the currency through some of its most colourful central characters, including an Argentinian millionaire, a Chinese entrepreneur, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, and the elusive creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Already, Bitcoin has led to untold riches for some, and prison terms for others.

Digital Gold, Nathaniel Popper (Allen Lane).

So Anyway (1)

So, Anyway is the story of how a tall, shy youth from Weston-super-Mare went on to become a self-confessed legend. If you’ve ever heard your dad quoting ‘He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy’ or singing the lumberjack song then this is the book for him.

So, Anyway, John Cleese (Arrow).

How Music Got FreeWhat happens when an entire generation commits the same crime? Stephen Witt explores this question and more in this thrilling new history of the music industry, explaining how one man’s crime snowballed into an explosive moment in history, meaning that all the tracks ever recorded could be accessed by anyone, for free.

How Music Got Free, Stephen Witt (Bodley Head).


High Fidelity AudiobookNick Hornby’s first novel, an international bestseller instantly beloved by critics and readers, helps to explain men to women, and men to men. For the book’s twentieth anniversary the brand new audiobook, recorded by Russell Tovey is the perfect addition to a music loving dad’s listening collection.

High Fidelity, Nick Hornby, read by Russell Tovey, (Viking).

MorrisseyIt has been said Most pop stars have to be dead before they reach the iconic status that Morrissey has reached in his lifetime.Published as a Penguin Modern Classic a year after its initial publication, Autobiography covers Morrissey’s life from his birth in Manchester in 1956 until the present day.

Autobiography, Morrissey (Penguin Modern Classics).

Guy MartinIf your dad’s most likely to be found tinkering in the garage in his spare time, the perfect Father’s Day gift could be could be the autobiography of international road-racing legend, maverick star of the Isle of Man TT, truck mechanic and TV presenter Guy Martin.

My Autobiography, Guy Martin (Virgin Books).

The Climb high restExtraordinary, revealing and life-affirming,
The Climb
 is a story of the determination and hardship that helped Chris Froome win the 2013 Tour De France. In a journey unlike any other in the history of cycling, Froome has crossed continents, overcome the death of his mother and conquered debilitating illness to follow his dreams and represent Team GB and Team Sky. He has experienced soaring triumphs, humbling defeats, a public rivalry with Bradley Wiggins and, most recently, the pressures of Lance Armstrong’s legacy. A must for any sports mad dad.

The Climb, Chris Froome (Viking).

Take our Top of the Pops quiz and find out if your dad’s a bookish Mr Bennet, heroic Atticus Finch or adventurous William Smith from Dahl’s classic, Danny, The Champion of the World. Just visit the Penguin UK Books Facebook Page and tell us what makes your dad tick.

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For even more bookish suggestions for the trickiest of dads, check out our selection of top titles on the Penguin website.


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