January is well and truly upon us. Some people would say that it’s the dreariest month of the year. They would be wrong.

We see January as a time of expanding horizons: a month for rolling up one’s sleeves, dusting off the cobwebs. It’s a time to look to the future, challenge your mind, and ask questions of the world. In short, it’s the time to Think Smarter.

To help you make the most of 2015, we’re devoting the entire month to sharing exclusive writing from some of our biggest smart thinking authors. We’ll be exploring how to boost your brain power and take care of your mind, learning about the best ways to start something new, and gazing into the future, with extracts, comment and curated weekend reading lists. To make sure you’re not missing out on any of the smart thinking, sign up to the Think Smarter newsletter to get it straight to your inbox, every week this January.

We’re starting the month with a week of thinking smarter on Your Mind. To make sure that you’re primed and ready to absorb a wealth of horizon-expanding information, we asked Smarter author, Dan Hurley, to share his seven top tips on improving your intellect:

Smarter- Dan Hurley

Smarter- Dan Hurley

To ensure that you don’t miss any of the exclusive articles, interviews and comment pieces that we’ll be publishing this month, just sign up to the Think Smarter mailing list. You’ll get a weekly digest straight to your inbox every Saturday this January, as well as monthly newsletters throughout the rest of the year.


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