We don’t know about you, but our ‘to-read’ list just keeps growing and growing. It isn’t stopping us from getting excited about the shiny new books we’ll be meeting in 2015. Find out what some of our fellow Penguins can’t wait to add to their bedside reading stacks.

Landmarks- Robert MacFarlaneI love all of Robert MacFarlane’s books, so I can’t wait for the release of Landmarks in March, as it tells the story of two of my favourite things, words and the countryside, and the relationship between them. Jennifer Cownie  Digital Marketing Manager, Penguin. 


Second life S. J. WatsonI can’t wait to read SJ Watson’s new novel, Second Life when it’s released in February. I loved Before I Go To Sleep so I’m excited to see what’s next from him. Tessa Henderson – Press Officer, Transworld.


I cThe Infinite Sea- Rick Yancey -Fifth Wavean’t wait to get my hands on the latest book in the 5th Wave series. I’m not even sure it’s out in 2015, but it had better be. The ending of The Infinite Sea was such a cliffhanger. Beth O’Leary  Junior Editor, Penguin Random House Children’s. 


A god  in ruins coverMy favourite book from 2013 was Life After Life, I thought it was astonishing and it stayed with me for months afterwards. You can imagine my delight upon hearing there is a companion novel coming in May 2015. A God in Ruins will focus this time on Teddy, younger brother of Life After Life’s Ursula and I am champing at the bit to read it. I came late to the Kate Atkinson party, only reading my first a couple of years ago, but have since devoured everything she has written and have become a total KA Brand Ambassador. I am willing to beg, borrow or steal a copy to get it as soon as I can!  Vincent Kelleher  Digital Marketing and Publishing Manager, Cornerstone.


If I fall if I die- Michael ChristieI really want to get my hands on a copy of If I Fall, If I Die by Michael Christie – I’ve heard really good things. A boy called Will has never stepped outside of his front door before and he’s never gotten to know anyone other than his mother. This book is about his journey into the world and it sounds right up my street. September Withers – Marketing Executive, Transworld.

Disclaimer- Renee Knight


In 2015, I’d like to get my hands on a copy of Disclaimer by Renee Knight. I’m desperate to read it – April seems ages away! Sarah Harwood – Publicity Manager, Transworld.


NDiary of a Wimpy Kid- The Long Haulovember 2015 seems a long way away but I’m already super excited about the next Diary of a Wimpy Kid… What does Jeff Kinney have in store for Greg Heffley and his family and friends in the TENTH book in the series? Only time will tell… Julia Teece  Marketing Manager, Penguin Children’s.


All the Bright Places- Jennifer NivenI can’t wait to read All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, which is out in January. I’ve read so many great YA novels this year, and have heard the most amazing things about this one! Samantha Book  Digital Marketing Executive, Penguin. 



I’m really looking forward to Cryptocurrency. Books like Black Swan, Flashboys and The Signal and the Noise have really given me the urge to find out more about the nebulous world of money, and virtual currency certainly looks like the future of global economics. Zainab Juma  Email Marketing Manager, Penguin.


What can’t you wait to read in 2015? Let us know on @PenguinUKBooks

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  1. I am most looking forward to Sarah Winman’s new book, because I loved When God Was a Rabbit soooooooooo much!


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