Discover the story behind You’re The One That I Want author Giovanna Fletcher’s love of books and what she’ll be reading next with Real Readers.

You're the One That I Want

“I’ve recently worked out that my bookshelves contain only a handful of my favourite books, and the reason for this is because if I really love a book I want everyone to read it too. I push books from my own mini library (my aim is to one day have a HUGE library and one of those swinging ladders to match) onto people in the hope that they’ll be just as moved by them as I was, but what inevitably happens is that my book never finds its way back to me. So, my huge collection of books is actually made up of my not-so-favourite books – unless I’ve given into temptation and re-bought them. Which I do quite often.

I don’t mind that my own collection is depleted of the books that have touched me the most because it means I’ve passed on the baton and kept their stories alive by sharing them. Plus, let’s not forget that it’s blooming wonderful to sit down and have a natter about a great book once it’s been read by someone else. It brings the book’s world even more alive when you’re debating the right and wrongs of the characters – or the book’s unexpected twist.

My love of women’s fiction started when I read Jane Green’s Jemima J in my early teens. I massively connected with Jemima and her desire to fit in and belong. I loved her, felt for her, wanted to comfort her (and then shout at her), before rejoicing with her. All those emotions came from a book – a book about life, relationships and love. Obviously there was the added bonus of it being written by an adult for adults – so I felt like I was having a preview The Rosie Effectinto the future of what life might be like when I got over my teenage angst and grew up a bit… turns out that glimpse revealed a world filled with just as much angst, but with deeper emotions, far bigger consequences and lots more saucy behaviour. Needless to say, I was hooked!

My love for books has never wavered (I should hope not, I’m an author now), but my time to sit and read has diminished now that I have a baby in the house and books to write. Therefore I need to pick my books wisely before starting them. Next on my to-read list is The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion. Having read The Rosie Project last year, I can’t wait to see what happens next for Don Tillman!”

Pre Order Christmas with Billy and Me: A Short Story, by Giovanna Fletcher, published by Michael Joseph on 6th November.

Let us know your book recommendations – and maybe find some inspiration yourself – at The Book Boutique and The Page Turners, where we’re celebrating Real Readers every day this month.



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