Jeremy Strong 100 books

This year Puffin author Jeremy Strong published his 100th book: KIDNAPPED!: The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour-Dog’s Sizzling Summer (quite a title we’re sure you’ll agree). From ‘My Brother’s Famous Bottom’ to the exploits of Streaker, the hundred-mile-an-hour-dog, he’s been tickling the bookshelves with his trademark wit and all round bombastic silliness for years.

Nowadays his stories are brought to life by illustrator Nick Sharratt who drew a special illustration to celebrate Jeremy’s feat.

We asked Jeremy to tell us how he felt about writing 100 books – in 100 words…

“I don’t suppose any writer starts with the intention of writing a hundred books. I certainly didn’t. It just happened and here I am, thirty six years since the first book was published, with a lot less hair and many more wrinkles, looking at the hundredth. Fittingly it’s about Streaker, the hundred mile an hour dog. Every day I think how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful job. I try to make children laugh and to love books. Sometimes I succeed and that gives me enormous pleasure. My thanks to everyone who has helped me to achieve that.”

Well, I read through that and thought it all sounded a bit boring so here’s another hundred words . . . “

Well, we thought his next 100 words were more suited for Puffin – so if you’re young at heart or perhaps know a Jeremy Strong fan, pop on over to their blog and behold his linguistic acrobatics.

You can take a listen to Jeremy reading from his 100th book (and revealing his favourite ice-cream flavour) on the fifth episode of the Puffin Podcast, Holiday Hijinks!

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