Penguin are bringing you this ultra exclusive crossword to enjoy on fathers day!

Crosswords can be silly, playful things, but they are also timeless: a much-loved companion for all lovers of language.

Meet author Alan Connor, he explores every aspect of the classic crossword puzzle in his new book, Two Girls, One on Each Knee. So sit back, relax, pop a pencil in your mouth and a crossword on your knee, and have a very happy Father’s Day.



1 An outcome of drinking lager, and stout (3)
3 That woman’s hiding in weather stations (4)
5 All fools and all saints have one (3)

1 Fiend or enemy, primarily (3)
2 It’s old-fashioned (3)
3 D’oh! That’s back-to-front builders’ kit! (3)
4 Fish, but not bream… beam? (3)

There’s also an extra clue:

Extra clue
1, 3 and 5 across A time to relax with a crossword (cryptic pastime) (7,3)

We will be revealing the answers in one week, so get cracking!



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