In the final stop on Liane Moriarty’s blog tour for THE HUSBAND’S SECRET, the author describes a secret of her own.

‘When I was six, I had a secret. A big one. I remember the superior, impatient feeling it gave me. The way the words quivered at the back of my throat.  The secret made me feel kindly and patronising towards my younger sisters. Their darling, clueless little faces. They didn’t know. But I did know. All I had to do was speak and I could change their worlds. It was exhilarating, and also excruciating.

I went to school and shared the secret with my whole class. “Just don’t tell your little brothers and sisters,” I warned my classmates. The next day my teacher phoned my mother to say there had been complaints from parents. Some kids went home in tears.

(I won’t reveal the secret here in case any gifted and talented four year olds are reading. I will say only this: it involved highly defamatory remarks relating to the identity of Santa Claus.)

I had failed my first secret. I was deeply ashamed.

It wasn’t my fault. Apparently the brain simply doesn’t like keeping secrets. Neuroscientist David Eagleman explains that secrets create a ‘neural conflict.’ One part of the brain is desperate to spill the beans. The other part wants to do the right thing.

Research has found that carrying a secret actually feels like you’re carrying a physical burden. When people confess or write down their deepest held secrets, there are measurable decreases in their stress hormone levels.

But if you write down your secret, it’s probably a good idea to then tear that piece of paper up into a thousand tiny pieces. Otherwise you might find yourself facing the same predicament I gave to my poor characters in my new novel, THE HUSBAND’S SECRET.’

SecretTHE HUSBAND’S SECRET by Liane Moriarty is out now. 

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