Recently we paired up with Fiction Records to find out about the music people listen to when they read. Fiction also asked some of their artists to find out about the books that made them, and what they listen to when they’re reading. Here’s what they said…

Jamie N Commons is the first to take us through his bookish and musical obsessions:


1. Down
and Out In Paris and London
– George Orwell

2. Breakfast of Champions – Kurt Vonnegut


3. The
Call of Cthulhu
– H.P. Lovecraft

4. The
Blade Itself – Joe Abercrombie


1. Spirit
of Eden
– Talk Talk

2. Wild Beasts
– Smother

3. James Blake – James Blake

some quiet classical selections from Claude Debussy, Anton Bruckner, Edward
Elgar, Beethoven etc. OR if
you want to combine the two, I used to listen to the 1981 BBC Audio adaption of The Lord
of The Rings constantly as a child, some really incredible music on that!”

Visit Jamie’s website or find him on Twitter.

Next up we have Nick Mulvey, who has come up with a veritable feast of music and books for your delectation. Here are his choices:

1. The Master and Margarita – Mikhail Bulgakov
2. Trickster Makes This World – Lewis Hynde
3. The Big Sleep – Raymond Carver
4. Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel
5. One River – Wade Davis
6. Señor Vivo and The Coca Lords – Louis de Bernières
7. Musicophilia – Oliver Sacks
8. The Post Office – Charles Bukowski
9. The Faber Book of Science – Edited by John Carey
10. To Kill A Mocking Bird – Harper Lee

1. Steve Reich – Music For Mallet Instruments
2. William Basinski – Disintegration Loops
3. Arvo Part – Spiegel Im Spiegel
4. Esbjörn Svensson Trio – Seven Days of Falling
5. D’Gary – Kinetsa
6. Toumani Diabate – New Ancient Strings
7. Missa Luba – Sanctus
8. Kool Keith – Sex Style (Instrumentals)
9. Henry Purcell – 10 Sonatas in 4 parts
10. Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden

Find out more about Nick via his website and Twitter.

Thirdly, the choices of Charles Cave from White Lies:


1. Pan – Knut Hamsun

2. East Of Eden – John Steinbeck


3. Walden – Henry

4. From The Holy Mountain – William


1. John Adams – The Dharma at Big Sur

2. Califone – Roots and Crowns

3. Arthur Russell – Another Thought

4. Duke Ellington – Far East Suite

Follow White Lies on Twitter here | Take a look at their website

And last but not least, Steve Warby – Head of Fiction Records:


1. Despatches –
Michael Herr

2. Nalda Said –
Stuart David

3. Human Punk –
John King

4. Let It
Blurt: The Life And Times Of Lester Bangs

5. East Of Acre
Lane: Alex Wheatle


1. Ballad Of Ray Suzuki – Looper

2. Death In Vegas – Girls

3. The Clash – White Man In Hammersmith Palais

4. Needles In The Camel’s Eye – Brian Eno

5. When The Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin

6. I Am Made Of Chalk – Crystal Castles

7. Enter One – Sol Seppy

8. Gut Feeling – Devo

9. Brains – Lower Dens

10. I
Wanna Be Your Dog
– The Stooges

Here’s the full playlist:

You can also listen to the Fiction Records playlist here | Check out Fiction’s website | Follow them on Twitter


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