November 24, 2012

The Con is on!

survived the madness of the Black Friday sales, the Doctor Who convention
Chicago TARDIS is now in full swing.  But
what, you may well ask yourselves, happens at a Doctor Who convention?

For the
uninitiated, a Doctor Who convention is the mutated offspring of a television
chat show and a fancy dress party with renegade DNA elements of a stag or hen
party. The stars of the show along with us lesser mortals are interviewed on
stage or sit on panels discussing the finer points of writing, or acting, or
the rich history of the TV programme itself. 
One panel even asks is Doctor Who is a religion (well, enquiring minds
want to know)!

A8exl-DCYAAErkB.jpg largeAnd of
course there is the dealers’ room (pictured, right) where every possible
merchandising opportunity has had a Police Box slapped on it – from t-shirts to
teacups and posters to coasters – along with the more usual DVDs, books, comics
and action figures.

The several
hundred fans attending the “con” mingle and chat, queue for autographs, watch
the aforementioned panels and interviews, view their favourite episodes on the
big screen and compete for the most outlandish or intricate costume. I will be
blogging about the costume pageant tomorrow with a few images of this amazing
spectacle, but the most important aspects of these conventions is the
camaraderie, the sincere friendships that people – professionals and fans alike
– make.

These things
are great fun and a wonderful way to meet one’s readers, listeners and viewers.
And, as you’ll see tomorrow, the creativity of the professionals is equaled by
that of the “cosplayers” who go to such extraordinary lengths to make their
costumes the best and most accurate.

There is
such a lovely atmosphere at these US conventions. Everyone is upbeat and out
for a good time. The cliché of the reclusive, awkward Doctor Who fan is blown
away by the gregarious gathering of people here.

Because, in
the end, that’s what we’re really here  for: to meet up with old friends and maybe make
a few new ones along the way. Although, it does helps if you know your Hath
from your Eldrad…

Richard Dinnick


Richard Dinnick is a writer of TV, comics and books who has contributed
to the Doctor Who and Moshi Monsters ranges that Penguin publishes
including: Doctor Who: Alien Adventures, The 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Sticker Book coming next year. You can follow him on Twitter ( or find out more by visiting his website (




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  1. Yes, the con is quite the social gathering for a lot of fans. I live in an area where hardly anyone else watches DW, so it’s a treat to go to the con and be around so many others who “get” it. Also, the dealers’ room is paradise. Except when you’re broke and can’t afford the many things you want to buy.

  2. Except when you’re broke and can’t afford the many things you want to buy.

  3. Also, the dealers’ room is paradise. Except when you’re broke and can’t afford the many things you want to buy.

  4. One thing that is important to have in mind when you are shopping online for the costumes

  5. Yeni makale görmek güzel, bu harika! Bu koyduk tüm çabaları için teşekkür ederiz. Yazınızın tüm fikirlerinizi benim desteğimi ifade, ve sonraki haber bekliyoruz ile i severim.


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